Some things you need a little help with

Here’s my workshop on how to be a techy researcher, journalist and academic geek – all at the same time – each card highlights an area where I get a little help from all the people busying away inside my computer 🙂 

I hope you will be able to make use of the suggestions.

No link am I or do I receive monetary benefit; if you do like or gain any value from the content – pls tweet or follow-me on Twitter
thankx @steveraven_frsa 


Interviewing transcripts and meeting notes I use for transcribing my interview recording and to provide the back-up facility. Online data storage: Online

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Audio Only

Recording a podcast When recording a my Raven Documents & Friends podcast discussions with guests – who could be anywhere – I use

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Searching the libraries

Desk research is both exciting and frustrating – as previously highlighted I  have gathered a whole host of references through the use of Mendeley. What

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Streaming Live Events

When you need to deliver a live presentation, debate or discussion is a good place to start. Alternative streaming platforms

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The big picture tells a story

Graphic design Photograph Graphic illustrations For stunning free images and royalty-free stock, my preference is: However, a lot of us seem to have a

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