Sport, Physical Education & Social Justice Study

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Participant Information and Consent Form

To conduct high-quality ethical research it is imperative that you as the participant know what is involved and that we as researchers confirm you are in full agreement with the processes of the specific research study.

Below you will find two documents – please read them / scroll through them – at the footer of each you will find a download button – please download them for your records.

Before the interview-online meeting, you will need to complete/sign the second document below, the consent form and return it to me.

You can return it by email or alternatively I will send you a link to complete the form online.


I hope this answers any questions you have. If you have further questions please use the contact form click here

soon, vector, whatsappAlternatively use the WhatsApp link to chat at the bottom of the screen.

Please read the consent form and then you will be able to book an online interview by using the online scheduler.


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