Sustainable communities

Racialising spaces doesn't help

The damaged brand of whiteness is not helping, we need to deal with this, alongside the climate crisis and the economics of poverty if we are ever going to achieve sustainability as social beings.

Whiteness a barrier to allyship and sustainable communities

The white supremacies and the fragility of white liberals have damaged the brand of whiteness as an identity.

We need to work constantly not only on democracy but commnuity cohesion. The temptation to resort to stereotypes that destroy us is very great.

Sustainable communities are built on collective inclusion

A debate began at the start of the pandemic about the real meaning of freedom. Freedom of the libertarian free choice is in direct contract to the liberation of freedom that is brought about by being in a safe and secure spaces that the person is able to make informed choices.

Sustainable economies rely on ethical marketplaces

Competition as a guiding principle of s property as an individuals power status is fundamentally incompatible with sustianability of the economy, communities and the climate. Let me explain.

Sustainable environments need a climate mindset

We’ve lost the battle if saving the world is based on knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

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