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Interviewing transcripts and meeting notes I use otter.ai for transcribing my interview recording and dropbox.com to provide the back-up facility. Online data storage: www.dropbox.com Online transcription of audio recordings: https://otter.ai

Audio Only

Recording a podcast When recording a my Raven Documents & Friends podcast discussions with guests – who could be anywhere – I use cleanfeed.net https://cleanfeed.net/ Whats the greatest feature – separate feed record for each person in the discussion.

Searching the libraries

Desk research is both exciting and frustrating – as previously highlighted I  have gathered a whole host of references through the use of Mendeley. What I am focusing on here is the finding and sourcing of information, existing literature, accumulated knowledge. Why is this important? Contextual understanding, in terms of social inquiry it provides the …

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Streaming Live Events

When you need to deliver a live presentation, debate or discussion restream.io is a good place to start. https://app.restream.io/home Alternative streaming platforms https://streamyard.com/

The big picture tells a story

Graphic design Photograph Graphic illustrations For stunning free images and royalty-free stock, my preference is: https://pixabay.com/ However, a lot of us seem to have a very smart camera in our pockets to store, organise and share I use Flckr: https://www.flickr.com/ Here’s a little sample of my photo album https://www.flickr.com/photos/jacdor/

The gift that keeps on giving

Muck Rack helps me understand the news and the trends that are happening https://muckrack.com/search/ But if you would prefer to visit a library and browse the ongoing documenting of history check out this hotspot tool from Press Reader https://www.pressreader.com/hotspot/map

Converting words from paper to voice

Is not so easy with many forms of dyslexia, I experience one of these, so to me, converting the written word to a series of sounds is crazy difficult. This website also helps with pronunciation when speaking a foreign language. Forvo: the pronunciation dictionary in many languages: https://forvo.com/