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A critical researcher, theorist, writer about the big social issues of our day, especially when they involve sport.

Sport and particularly endurance sports are a passion of mine; one of my mantras is “courir beaucoup et lire largement” roughtly translated as 

run a lot and read widely.

Education, sport, outdoor education and physical education are my on-going passion and this is where my energy was focused; still is but from a different lens.

In my early life. I was not so good at writing and reading as a child, I found my self participating in sport, then I began enjoying school physical education. Fortunately this was my route to becoming a qualified teacher, via a first in my family to even go to University. My family had followed the urbanisation route began during the industrial revolution. Generations of field workers and house servants for The Big House. My grandparents were ‘let go’ and found themselves working in the factory of the local town. My Dad, left schooling at 14, self-taught and night school, through starting work in a pathology lab with the NHS in 1948, made everything I have achieved possible. 

Increasingly with the advantages accrued through education and multiple successful careers, I have journeyed from quantitative scientist to qualitative socio-cultural narratives researcher; trying to understanding the lives of people and sets them free to be part of the community.

I identify as a researcher, writer and activist; a journalist and communicator. 

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