Social beings socially interacting

My research and journalism are concerned with the impact and influence of socially constructed issues and the embedded biases that disrupt society, such as racialized social interactions. The causes of social injustice and pathways to transitional justice.

As a critical social researcher, I embrace transdisciplinarity or put another I move between sociology, psychology, political policy studies, philosophy, and several other academic disciplines to make sense of the social world. My contribution to learning through teaching, workshops, and consultancy focuses on challenging the reproduction of disparities and disadvantages through understanding the social and historical contexts. I work to facilitate connecting individual and group ‘knowledge bubbles’ with other perspectives. 

 Across the website you will find:

1. Opportunities to participate in the research at different times.
2. A place to engage with my blog, longer articles, and other workshop resources 
3. Videos and podcast shows produced in the process of developing lectures and workshops.