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My research and journalism are concerned with the impact and influence of socially constructed issues and the embedded biases that disrupt society, such as racialized social interactions. The causes of social injustice and pathways to transitional justice.

As a critical social researcher, I embrace transdisciplinarity or put another I move between sociology, psychology, political policy studies, philosophy, and several other academic disciplines to make sense of the social world. My contribution to learning through teaching, workshops, and consultancy focuses on challenging the reproduction of disparities and disadvantages through understanding the social and historical contexts. I work to facilitate connecting individual and group ‘knowledge bubbles’ with other perspectives. 

 Across the website you will find:

1. Opportunities to participate in the research at different times.
2. A place to engage with my blog, longer articles, and other workshop resources 
3. Videos and podcast shows produced in the process of developing lectures and workshops.

A note on positionality

Social inquiry research taking on society’s contested issues presents a specific set of challenges. When that issue is socially constructed racism, and has become all pervasive, the further challenge is how to address a system of control in whichwe are ourselves complicit.

In doing such research the challenge is made more complex. How do you make having the attributes of maleness, paleness and staleness an benefit? If I didn’t already have enough privileges. Such positionality reproduces a demanding role for reflexive behaviours. The constant questioning of am I thinking whitely, and how is it influencing my decision making, pervade my every action. Or at least that is my aim. It does not always go to plan.

Steve Raven
Socio-cultural researching journalist

Podcast Trailer announces launch of a new podcast series: Raven Documents socio-cultural sports research.

What I do.

As an academic I do socio-cultural research in the fields of education, teaching, sport and phsyical education.

I do socio-cultural qualitative research.

You can participate in in various live projects and research studies. 

Research studies which seek to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our social interactions, the complexity and complicity of discrimination, the realities of meritocracy.


I write.

Based on my research studies, and a wide ranging review of other works, I seek to find answers to social issues. 

My writing reports on the causes of problems relating to social interactions, from complicity of biases, ethical dilemmas, political dogmas and the ideaology associated with competitiveness and capitalism.

I communicate using digital media.

The development of programmes of learning incorporating interactive active learning and the development of active research projects for students is the foundation of my teaching and research dissemination. 

The production of podcasts and vidoes support and augment and inform the basis of our work on the social issues of whiteness; complicity, competition and the poltics of capitalism. 

I also do the odd lecturing programme, teaching assignment and of course am available for public speaking in person as well as online.

A critical researcher that digs deeper to use socio-cultural know-how in an integrated global north and south approach to the most pressing issue of creating sustainable communities for everyone.


Need Advice?

I am more than happy to contribute, where I am able, to projects that aim to change the social world … to remove oppression, to end the unequal use of social power, to enable social mobility and spread kindness, compassion and empathy as social beings in the way we interact.

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My aim is to develop sustainable communities

Through the development and production of articles, e-books, online courses, reading lists, podcasts, videos and blogs underpinned by rigorously objective qualitative socio-cultural research, my aim is to explain the complexity of sustainability is about social interactions, community cohesion, respect for the environment and the socio-economics of the political system and the meaning of ‘freedom’.

Writing is not easy ... it has taken a village to raise me.

What others have said...

“ In particular I would like to thank Steve for all his support, resources and guidance. I hope he continues to help students find and use their inner voice to progress within themselves.”

A recent graduate, 2020, supporting their final year dissertation..

My Story

Not so good at writing and reading as a child, I found my self participating in sport, then I began enjoying school physical education. Fortunately this was my route to becoming a qualified teacher, via a first in my family to even go to University. My family had followed the urbanisation route began during the industrial revolution. Generations of field workers and house servants for The Big House. My grandparents were ‘let go’ and found themselves working in the factory of the local town. My Dad, left schooling at 14, self-taught and night school, through starting work in a pathology lab with the NHS in 1948, made everything I have achieved possible.

Education, sport, outdoor education and physical education are my on-going passion and this is where my energy was focused; still is but from a different lens.

Increasingly with the advantages accrued through education and multiple successful careers, I have journeyed from quantitative scientist to qualitative socio-cultural narratives researcher; trying to understanding the lives of people and sets them free to be part of the community.

I would now define myself as an academic activist for the freedoms that come from the right for everyone to be safe and secure,  social democracy and social beings working together.

Our purpose is to build robust communities where everyone has a voice.

We offer the support and services to inspire the development of critical thinking, and the ability to innovate.